Rationalising warehouse storage space for Barwick

We’ve helped bathroom wholesaler Barwick bring four warehouses-worth of bathroom supplies into a single, gigantic storage space.
The challenge

Successful businesses grow. As Barwick, Bradford-based bathroom wholesaler has grown, it has needed to increase its warehouse capacity. Over the years, we’ve worked with Barwick on numerous occasions to fit out their latest warehouse with industrial pallet racking.

Over time, one warehouse became two, then three and so on, until the company realised it needed to rationalise, and make more economical use of its space by bringing all its various warehousing arrangements under one roof.

Our challenge was to fit out a new, single facility with a floorspace equivalent to 1.5 Wembley football pitches in just four weeks.

The solution

Barwick’s business covers every possible bathroom product, from taps and shower heads, to baths, basins and toilets. As a result, the warehouse needed a variety of racking types and depths.

We installed pallet racking in the 115,000 sq ft warehouse with depths of 1100mm and 1500mm and added timber shelving so each bay could cope with up to 14 tonnes of bathroom furniture. Cantilever racking supported bathroom worktops, while a mezzanine (out of shot in the above video) provided additional space for smaller supplies.

Although we stopped at 4-levels high in this installation, there’s provision for the racking to be 7 levels high, helping to future-proof the business as it continues to grow. We’ve also added end of row barriers to protect the racking from forklift damage.

Cutting the cost of industrial warehouse storage

Barwick may have required a brand new racking installation for its new facility, but that meant there were several warehouses full of pallet racking that wouldn’t be carried across to the new installation.

So we stripped out the existing warehouses, dismantling the pallet racking in each, then part exchanging the used pallet racking for the new storage. By offsetting the part-ex costs, we were able to dramatically reduce the cost of the new installation.

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