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Shelving comes in all different shapes, sizes and finishes ranging from Heavy Duty Industrial Longspan Shelving for bulkier items through to Industrial Shortspan Shelving for smaller products or Office Shelving to take lever arch / archive files. We can even put walkways in High Bay Shelving Systems eliminating the need (and cost!) of a mezzanine or fit the shelves with roller beds to optimise the efficiency of your picking system with a live stock replenishment in-feed system known as Carton Live Picking.


Whatever your requirement, RACK-MASTER STORAGE SYSTEMS LTD have a wealth of solutions that we can tailor to your individual requirements. Please call us to discuss your requirements further – you may not even need a site visit!


As with all our Storage Systems, RACK-MASTER STORAGE SYSTEMS LTD carry stocks of used shelving and we can offer you many options in Good Quality Used or Re-Conditioned Products at industry busting prices so if you have a big requirement and a relatively small budget get in touch and we will do our very best to help in any way we can!


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Longspan Shelving

This is shelving for large and heavy materials and is basically a scaled down version of pallet racking. Vertical uprights interface with horizontal load beams (as with pallet racking) but the load beams are either stepped to accept a chipboard shelf leaving a flush finish with the top of the load beam, to ensure minimal snagging, or the chipboard shelf sits above a more standard box type beam allowing for even heavier loads per level. To increase the load capacity of each level, steel chipboard shelf supports can be added to the system.

Shortspan Shelving

As the name suggests, this is shelving for smaller parts and generally lighter load capacity requirements than with Longspan Shelving. This is a more conventional type of shelving system that uses a steel shelf that sits on to shelf support clips that fit into pre-punched holes in the end frame allowing for the shelf to be located easily and quickly. Bays can be either completely closed (clad) completely open (braced) or a mixture of the two. Dividers can also be fitted creating ‘Pigeon Holes’ for even smaller picking locations.

Archive Shelving

We have a range of standard sized shelving bays specifically designed to those sizes in order to accept standard Archive Boxes with minimal wasted space, ensuring that you get the maximum number of boxes in the minimal possible place.

Motor Parts Storage Racks

Within our portfolio we have established a range of different shelving bays specifically designed for the Motor Industry. Whether you need tyre racks or exhaust manifold holders or somewhere to hang your car doors we have the shelving bay to suit you!

Multi-Tier Shelving Systems

Using standard Longspan or Shortspan Shelving (depending on your product), we can build these extremely high with many levels in them and fit them with internal elevated walkways and staircases eliminated the need (and cost) of a mezzanine floor.

Garment Hanging Systems

Using modified Longspan Shelving components we can supply you with Longspan Shelving bays that instead of having shelf levels, have individual garment rails inset, allowing for the multi-levelled storage of all forms of garments. These can also be made into Multi-Tier Systems (see above) if required.

High Bay Shelving

We can build all of our shelving systems to great heights which really depend only on the limiting factors of what your overall bay loading requirement is and what height your building is, as we can keep splicing our systems up and up. High Bay Shelving is essentially Longspan or Shortspan Shelving that is built extremely highly and is accessed by specialist access equipment such as a ‘Scissor-lift’ or a ‘Man-Up Order Picker.’

Carton-Live Picking Racks

This is commonly used with ‘Tote’ boxes in a fast moving picking operation where the Totes are placed on to roller lanes located within the shelving bays. The system works with two faces, a loading face and an off-loading face and the Totes
are placed in to roller lanes at the loading face and roll under the force of gravity to the off-loading face mean you get a ‘First In – First Out’ (FI-FO) scenario. This is commonly used as a method of moving stock between the Pickers (who load
the Carton-Live System after they have picked the materials) and the Packers (who off-load the system and pack the materials ready for transport). Alternatively it can be used like a ‘Kan-Ban System’ to feed production lines ensuring a good stock rotation system due to the FI-FO nature of the system and that the lines can be continually replenished.

Mobile Shelving

Standard Longspan or Shortspan Shelving bays can be located on to mobile bases that can be either mains powered or hand powered using a wheel to move them. This means that you can achieve incredible storage densities in small spaces as you eliminate the need for having multiple aisles; you only ever need one aisle that can be moved depending on which run of shelving you need to access. This is particularly suited to office environments or stores areas where space is on a premium.

Lean-To Racks

If you have long materials that need to be stored vertically but whilst retaining individual access then Lean-To Racks are what you require. The materials are loaded in from the front by hand and are separated by ‘Wings’ that cantilever away from the rear of the racks to prevent the products from falling over and mixing with each other.

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