Public Sector and Healthcare

Shelving and records management solutions for the public sector, government agencies, the NHS, private healthcare providers, and pharmacies.


In the public sector, and especially in healthcare, the quality of records management is essential to the delivery of efficient services. The right workplace shelving system can help create and maintain an efficient, clean working environment that actively aids day to day working.

Our office and records storage solutions ensure everything has a place, whilst making maximum use of space and tight budgets. The result is time, effort and money saved.

The office and industrial shelving solutions listed below are just some of the options designed with healthcare and public sector records management in mind. In reality however, the options are virtually limitless, with many more forms of shelving available, and bespoke, custom designs for when standard storage solutions won’t deliver. To explore your options, please contact us to arrange your free site survey and consultation.

For warehouse storage and industrial racking systems better suited to general stores and distribution, please see our pallet racking, cantilever racking or industrial shelving sections.

Protected by Biocote

BioCote Protected

This symbol indicates that our office and healthcare-based storage solutions are BioCote® protected. BioCote® is a patented powder coating which inhibits the growth of potentially lethal bacteria and fungi. This reduces the risk of cross-contamination from surfaces with high contact frequency. Although there is no substitute for correct cleaning practices, the incorporation of BioCote® into the manufacturing process provides users of industrial shelving and storage with the peace of mind that you’re making every effort to maintain a hygienic working environment.

General Shelving

Our standard steel shelving range comes in bay heights of 1850mm – 2150mm when used in conjunction with a 900mm – 1250mm wide shelf and depths of 300mm – 600mm per bay. All materials come flat packed with instructions for self assembly, or we can provide a professional, efficient shelving installation team upon request. Bays are available with open rears and sides (braced) or fully closed (clad) and we have a full range of accessories including: Various types of document divider


This really is the complete shelving range for any office / document facility and is easily adjusted at a later date should your requirements change. It also satisfies the common requirements of BS5454:2000 – “Recommendations for the storage and exhibition of archival documents.”

Suspended Document Shelving

When our standard shelving range is fitted with our pull-out filing cradles it creates a perfect area to accommodate your foolscap and A4 top-loaded suspension files. We can fit the shelving bays with multiple levels of these and the cradles slide out on telescopic arms meaning that you retain the original footprint of the shelving bay when the cradles are not extended. This enables a more efficient use of space. We can supply these shelving and storage solutions with lockable doors if required for security purposes.

Lateral & Lever Arch Document Shelving

Our standard records management shelving range is ideal for storing lateral and lever arch files. We have three different types of document divider for this range so you can pick the type of document divider that works for you. We can provide solid full height dividers that clip from the underside of the shelf above to the topside of the shelf below allowing for a complete ‘pigeon hole’. Alternatively, we can put in part-height dividers that are either solid or made of wire. As requirements change, you can easily reposition dividers to virtually any location on the shelf, giving you the exact size you need. Having these dividers in situ will eliminate the cascade (domino) effect common with lateral and lever arch files – so your records are prevented from becoming misplaced or muddled. All these office shelving solutions can be supplied with lockable doors if required for security purposes.


Archive Shelving

Our range of standard sized shelving bays are specifically designed to accept standard archive boxes with minimal wasted space, ensuring you efficiently store the maximum number of files and archive boxes.

Chrome Wire Shelving

The key advantage of our chrome wire shelving range is its cleaning simplicity. It’s possibly the easiest type of workplace shelving to clean ever! With its bright, modern finish, this shelving storage solution is ideally suited to kitchen environments and clean rooms. The excellent ventilation provided by the system makes it equally suitable for laundry and linen stores, and for mounting IT equipment. We can also supply these industrial shelving bays with castors, enabling you to turn a shelving storage solution into a mobile trolley.

Mobile Document Shelving

We take our standard document shelving bays and locate them onto mobile bases that can be either mains or hand powered via a wheel. This is a document shelving solution that enables you to achieve incredible storage densities in small spaces as you eliminate the need for multiple aisles. Instead, you effectively have one moveable aisle. This form of workplace shelving system is particularly suited to office environments or stores areas where space is at a premium. The Health Technical Memorandum (HTM71) particularly advocates the use of high density storage systems due to their space saving nature and efficiency.

Hazardous Materials Cabinets

Our range of hazardous materials storage cabinets come either full or half height and width, with single or double doors. Our standard finish is powder coated in yellow and we can provide safety labelling in accordance with BS5375 including flammable, biohazard, radioactive, toxic, poisonous, corrosive etc. All our hazardous materials cabinets are fitted with internal shelves and a lock to ensure contents remain secure.

Lockable Storage Cabinets

As with the hazardous materials storage cabinets, we can provide these workplace storage solutions either at full or half height and width with single or double doors. Our standard finish for the body is powder coated in grey, with optional door colours of blue, red, green or yellow. These can be supplied with either a standard 2-point lock or a hasp & staple to enable you to use your own padlock. Our lockable storage cabinets can also be supplied with a ‘tambour’-style roller shutter door – ideal when space for a standard door at the front of the cabinet is restricted.

Personnel Lockers

Our locker range is simply unparalleled! Choose up to six tiers per locker, with or without sloping tops; various options on lock types, colours and ventilation; and clean and dirty locker banks (with a divide down the middle for separating clean and dirty clothes). There isn’t a locker type that we don’t supply, so talk to us about your personnel storage options now and we’ll tell you how quickly we can do it!

Individual Tray Systems

If small items are to stay separate, tidy and easy to find you need an efficient business storage system. That’s why we’ve developed a huge range of different tray and shelf sizes, all of which can be sub-divided further if required, using simple divider slots that allow you to tailor each compartment. All trays have a clear front label and are fitted with a spring- loaded shelf stop that means you can pull the tray clear of the shelf or have it suspended forwards at 45 degrees, giving you 90% clear picking access to each tray. Standard finishes to the shelving bay are powder coated blue or grey. Standard finish to the tray is light blue with a white front label.

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