Shuttle Racking


Virtually every industrial storage system requires forklift lanes, and the more lanes you require, the less pallet racking you can install.

Shuttle racking makes smarter use of your storage space, creating dense storage that is similar in its basic design to drive-in racking, but without the intrusive forklift truck element.

How Shuttle Racking Works

Shuttle racking uses a remote controlled shuttle cart to move pallets around your industrial warehouse storage. The remote is carried by the forklift truck driver who is interacting with the system. The remote can issue a variety of commands to the shuttle, enabling it to operate a FIFO (first in / first out) or a LIFO (last in / last out) system. The system can be used in similar circumstances to Push Back Racking, Pallet Live Racking or Drive-In Racking.

As the following video demonstrates, once the forklift has delivered the pallet to the load face, the shuttle effectively does the rest. The shuttle can:

  • Load pallets to their storage position within the warehouse racking
  • Retrieve pallets and return them to the pick face
  • Recompact the racking lane, automatically making best use of space within your pallet racking
  • Count the total pallets within a lane
  • Protect pallets with its anti-collision management software

RACKMASTER STORAGE SYSTEMS LTD is an approved distributor of the Cassioli iSat, a shuttle racking system that is an excellent and surprisingly cost effective way to store and retrieve pallets when the SKU range and throughputs are compatible. 

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