If you donít want to move premises then a Mezzanine Floor could be the answer to your dreams

Mezzanine Flooring - New & Reconditioned Available

If you have a warehouse typically 5.5M high or higher and you are only utilising the ground floor level, you can put in situ a Raised Storage Platform which is more commonly called a Mezzanine Floor. This is essentially a free-standing platform that can be positioned into a warehouse to utilise the space better (and remember Mezzanine Floors are exempt from local council rates) so you can double your floor space with minimal additional overhead costs.

Mezzanine Floors can be specified for virtually any application, whether you need to increase your office space or you wish to put in additional production lines or simply to gain more storage space, Mezzanine Flooring may be the solution for you!

If you need help to envisage how this could work for you, Rack-Master Storage Systems have many different case studies that we can present to you from similar industries to show you what the potential gains can be. We can even put together budget costs for Mezzanine Floors over the telephone, so donít delay, give us a call today to discuss your requirements further Ė you may not even need a site visit!

Mezzanine Floor Applications: -

  • > Additional Storage Space
  • > Additional Offices
  • > Increased Production Space
  • > Training Rooms
  • > Pallet Gates to Existing Floors
  • > Additional Staircases
  • > Fire Rating Existing Floors
  • > Alterations to Existing Floors

Please contact us for more details and to arrange your free site survey.