Legislation has placed a bigger burden on businesses with storage systems – but you don’t have to shoulder that burden alone.

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Racking Compliance

The issue of compliance in the industrial warehouse storage sector has never been greater.

Health and safety compliance legislation surrounding industrial racking and storage solutions has meant that business owners are now responsible for ensuring the contractors they select are qualified and capable of carrying out the works required.

  • But how do you know which contractor to choose?
  • How do you know they are correctly safeguarding your interests?
  • How do you know they have available, suitably qualified people to carry out tasks such as risk assessment and method statement writing; or
  • Appropriate health and safety support from a qualified 3rd party?

Despite the website façade or sales patter, you need your industrial warehouse racking specialist to be able to demonstrate that they have the skill and accreditations to ensure your business remains compliance.

Rack-Master has the skills, experience and accreditations to ensure your industrial racking system performs, and is compliant.

Building Control Approval

Compliance covers more than health and safety issues. Many structures created as part of a warehouse storage solution (e.g. multi-tier pallet racking systems or mezzanine floors) can require a Building Control Application, which may require local fire officer approval.

As a legitimate storage solutions provider, Rack-Master will always advise you of your obligations and help make navigating them simple.

Call Rack-Master

With the skills and experience to ensure you meet your obligations and best practice, call Rack-Master now on 01422 300 644 or email us at info@rack-master.co.uk.

Know Your Legal Obligations

This short guide to the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, produced by the HSE, gives clients an excellent overview of your legal obligations as well as what to look for, and expect, from any contractors you select.

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