What is cantilever racking used for?

Outside or in, cantilever racking could be the answer for storing long materials.

What is cantilever racking?

Cantilever racking is one of the simplest forms of warehouse racking. A series of uprights are bolted to the floor and braced to keep them rigid. At right angles to the uprights, a series of Ďarmsí are slotted in to place with some form of boarding or shelving placed on them.

Applications for cantilever racking

Cantilever racking is a natural choice for long materials. Because stored materials lay flat, thereís none of the sag or bend you get when you store long materials length or edgeways, making it ideal for:

  • Lengths of timber
  • Piping or ducting
  • Carpet rolls
  • Sheet boarding or plasterboard

Can cantilever racking be used outdoors?

Yes. The question should really be can the materials youíre storing be safely placed outdoors? For long lengths of plastics (eg piping, soffits, guttering etc) thereís no problem with using cantilever racking outdoors.

Other benefits of cantilever racking

Thereís nothing complex about cantilever racking. Itís relatively easy to reconfigure if you want to store new materials or try alternative storage methods, and it is extremely easy to access. It may not be the most efficient form of warehouse storage but thatís more an effect of the length of materials it stores than the racking itself.

What are the limitations of cantilever racking?

Strength is the determining factor of this form of industrial racking. With only cantilevered arms for support, load limits must be carefully adhered to, otherwise thereís a danger the arms will buckle.

That means cantilever racking is likely to have its width limited, potentially leaving you requiring a greater number of racks to store materials.

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