How do you know how much weight your Leeds pallet racking system can carry?

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What’s the weight limit of your Leeds pallet racking system?

Frustratingly, it’s not a simple calculation. With so many variables in every industrial storage system, providing a definitive figure for your pallet racking requires a survey.

There are, however, general rules of thumb which can help give you a rough picture of your warehouse racking system’s load limits. We’re stressing ‘rough’ here. If you need an accurate assessment, please call us.

The factors that can affect your system’s load capacity include:

  • Frame construction

    The uprights of your Leeds pallet racking system will typically be available in three duties (standard, medium and heavy) and the upright sections may often by marked with an S, M or H accordingly. Naturally, a heavy duty upright will be able to support far more than a standard – although how much more also depends on the following factors.
  • Beam construction

    Beams (that is, the horizontal bracing pieces across each bay section) can use an open or box construction, with the box design supporting heavier duty applications.
  • Height between beams

    The space between each horizontal beam can influence the total load within the bay.
  • Beam face and depth

    Beam depth is usually 50mm, but the front face of the beam can be as much as three times that amount. The greater the total surface area of the beam, the more load the system it supports will be likely to take.

Looking at the above elements should give you an indication of where your Leeds warehouse racking system sits in terms of general load capacity (i.e. whether it is a standard, medium or heavy duty system). Typical limits per bay might then be:

  • Standard: 9,000kg / 9 tonnes
  • Medium: 15,000kg / 15 tonnes
  • Heavy: 20,000kg / 20 tonnes

As a general guide to load limits per level within the bay, divide the above figures by 5, but again, specifics depend on overall bay dimensions and construction.

For an accurate assessment of the load capacity of your Leeds warehouse pallet racking system, and for expert advice in expanding your racking or increasing its efficiency, call Rack-Master on 01422 300 644.

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