Buying used pallet racking in Warrington can save you money upfront, but if you want to protect those savings for the long term, follow these tips:

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1. Suitability is the most important factor

Yes, that second hand pallet racking system you’ve got your eye on may be available at a fraction of the cost of some alternatives, but will it do the job you need of it? If you need an industrial racking system for your Warrington business that makes loading, unloading and picking easier, and the used racking system you’re considering won’t do that, it’ll cost you more in terms of lost productivity.

2. Built for your business?

An obvious point, perhaps, but any used pallet racking system for your Warrington business must be suitable for your premises and facilities. If, for example, you opt for a racking system that won’t accommodate your existing forklifts - or which won’t be suitable for your warehouse unless you strengthen the floor - then you’ll need to weigh up the cost consequences to ensure it’s still a bargain.

3. Installation included?

Buying a used warehouse racking system is one thing. Bringing it to your business is another. Check that transportation and installation are included as part of the deal.

4. Safe & sound?

Pallet racking systems are a safe, secure way of storing stock, but they need regular maintenance and inspection to ensure they stay that way. There are numerous examples of racking system collapses which have cost time, money, reputations and lives, so it’s vital that your Warrington used pallet racking system is certified safe.

Rack-Master is certified to carry out racking damage surveys in Warrington, so we can ensure - and keep ensuring – that your pallet racking installation is safe.

5. Buy from experience

Rack-Master is the supplier of new and used pallet racking systems for Warrington and across the North. From specialist advice and supply to expert installation and maintenance, we’ll ensure that the used pallet racking you buy is the used pallet racking you need.

For a free site survey, call us now on 01422 300 644.

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