Used pallet racking may be a low cost option at the outset. But how can you ensure the costs stay low?

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Is it OK to buy used pallet racking in Leeds?

Thereís one reason you opt for used pallet racking in Leeds over new, custom built warehouse storage: cost. Used industrial racking systems are cheaper than their brand new counterparts. But unless you know the racking youíre buying is quality, the costs can mount up. Hereís how to address that:

Buy quality

In theory, used pallet racking has already proved itself Ė but if itís to be worth your investment you need to know that what youíre buying will stay strong and safe. That means checking for the following:

  • Bent beams and diagonals
  • Broken planks and stringers
  • Missing support blocks
  • Botched beam welds
  • Rust

Buy safe

When a pallet racking system in Leeds collapses, itís not just the products that stored on them that feel the effect. From the fabric of the building and order fulfilment to reputational damage and even loss of life, the results can be serious and wide ranging.

Those issues affect new as well as used pallet racking, but itís a particular issue with used industrial storage, where you havenít been part of the system design from the outset.

Rack-Master are certified racking damage survey assessors in Leeds, which means weíre experienced in spotting the issues that can compromise pallet racking safety. It also means we know what used pallet racking to buy and resell.

Buy expertise

Rack-Master are the new and used pallet racking suppliers for Leeds. From advice to supply to installation to ongoing inspection and maintenance, weíre the though-life pallet racking people. To find out what used pallet racking we have in stock right now, please call us on 01422 300 644.

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