Why upfront costs arenít the only consideration when weighing up whether to buy used pallet racking.

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Buy used pallet racking for your Doncaster business and it will cost you less than new and bespoke warehouse racking. But the upfront cost isnít the only thing to consider:


Once your Doncaster industrial racking system is up and running, it needs to help you work more efficiently. Loading, unloading, picking Ė the right pallet racking system for the application can potentially help save you far more than youíll save in the upfront cost of choosing new over used.

But if you can find a used racking system in Doncaster that will also help you work more efficiently, then youíre onto something.


The best industrial racking system is the one that makes the most efficient use of your space. A new, bespoke racking system will naturally do that (thatís what itís designed for) but a used pallet racking system in Doncaster can do that too, providing you get the right help and advice when youíre selecting the system.


A used pallet racking system could be up and running in your Doncaster warehouse before a new system. Ultimately it depends on the requirements of the new system and the availability of the used one, but if time is the crucial factor, used could be the way to go.


A used pallet racking system has already proved its reliability, but itís important to ensure that it remains safe. Our specialists are certified to carry our racking damage surveys in Doncaster, so you know that any used warehouse racking system we supply is up to the task.

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