Buying used pallet racking in Bradford will always save you money upfront. But if it’s to keep saving you money, follow these tips:

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1. Choose the racking that’s right for your business

Forget cost for a moment; any pallet racking system you install in your Bradford business has to be fit for the job you need of it. At its most basic, for example, that means not buying a used racking system designed for carpet when what you need is a heavy duty installation.

Choosing the right installation first time can help save money in the long term. Talk to us about helping you choose the right industrial racking solution.

2. Right for your premises?

It’s not purely a question of height, width and length. If the used pallet racking you’re about to choose will require the floor of your Bradford warehouse to be strengthened, then all the savings you’ve made in the warehouse storage will be lost in making the unit fit for the racking. Talk to Rack-Master, and we’ll help ensure that the Bradford pallet racking you’re buying won’t result in knock-on costs.

3. Installation included?

Buying a used warehouse racking system is one thing. Bringing it to your business is another. Check that transportation and installation are included as part of the deal.

4. Protect your people, business and reputation

When pallet racking systems fail, the results can be catastrophic. On the one hand, buying used pallet racking in Bradford can give you confidence that the racking has had the strength and durability to last this long. But how do you know it’s still in usable condition? How can you have confidence in the installation? And how can you keep your industrial storage in good order?

Rack-Master is certified to carry out racking damage surveys in Bradford and we only supply used pallet racking that we have complete confidence in. So, from supply to installation to ongoing maintenance, we’ll keep your Bradford warehouse racking standing strong.

5. Buy from experience

Rack-Master is the used pallet racking supplier for Bradford, with installations completed across the city and across the North. Call us now on 01422 300 644 and we’ll ensure that the used pallet racking you buy is the used pallet racking you need.

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