What should I consider before buying pallet racking?

5 key considerations before you call your industrial racking supplier.

Any overhaul of your industrial racking system is going to be a significant project, but you can minimise disruption, maximise benefits and reduce the installation time when you consider answers to the following questions:

Why change your warehouse storage?

The typical driver for a change or expansion in warehouse storage capacity is space. But your industrial racking system could do far more than increase the volume of pallets you can store. With the right design approach, you could improve picking and loading efficiency, reduce accidents, simplify stock control and make the simple process of accessing large small, pallet based and other stock so much simpler.

So consider not just the volume of space you need; look at the inefficiencies in your current operation too and ask your industrial racking supplier to suggest improvements.

Industrial racking budget

A natural consideration, but one which your warehouse storage system supplier could help you with. For tight budgets, consider used racking systems. When bought from a reputable supplier (Rack-Master, for example, is a racking damage survey specialist so knows precisely which industrial racking to buy back), second hand doesn’t have to mean compromising on safety or quality.

What’s staying and what’s going?

Another way of controlling the budget is to recognise the parts of your warehouse storage system that work and work around them. If, for example, your forklifts are virtually new, we can work with you to achieve the pallet racking system that can accommodate the forklifts most effectively.

The law relating to racking systems

From the pallet racking itself to the building works required to install the racking safely, there are legal compliance issues at every stage of your industrial racking’s design, installation and maintenance. So choose a pallet racking specialist that will ensure your business is entirely compliant with SEMA, HSE and Building Regulations requirements.

The warehouse racking contractor

The final consideration is the racking contractor. Bear in mind that there’s far more to industrial racking installation than the racking itself. A new warehouse storage system could require building works, new partitions and firewalls. You may find greater efficiency from installing a mezzanine floor, coil, roll or cantilever racking. A new layout may require the sprinklers or lights to be moved. And if you’re not sure whether your industrial racking design is going to maximise your efficiency, you’ll need a racking specialist who can advise you accordingly.

Rack-Master is a turnkey warehouse storage systems specialist. From concept and design to supply, installation and maintenance, we’ll ensure every aspect of your system is optimised for efficiency, safety and value.

To talk about your industrial pallet racking call us now on 01422 300 644 or fill out the form below.

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