Same warehouse. More rack efficient space. Discover how shuttle racking can help you create better warehouse storage in Leeds.

Shuttle Racking

Discover more about our remote controlled shuttle racking systems.

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Pick virtually any form of industrial pallet racking and thereís always one element that reduces the overall storage capacity: the forklift truck. As long as you need lanes for the forklifts to load and retrieve pallets, you lose space that could be used for more Leeds warehouse pallet racking.

Thatís where shuttle racking can make all the difference.

> Discover more about our remote controlled shuttle racking

How shuttle racking works

Shuttle racking in Leeds is a pallet storage system which uses rail mounted satellites or shuttles to ferry pallets to their correct position. Each shuttle is remote controlled by the forklift driver who can command the shuttle to carry out the following actions:

  • Load pallets to their storage position within your Leeds warehouse racking
  • Retrieve pallets from the warehouse storage system and return them to the pick face
  • Recompact the racking lane, automatically making best use of space within your pallet racking
  • Count the total pallets within a lane
  • Protect pallets with its anti-collision management software

As the below video demonstrates, the variety of commands you can issue to the shuttle enable it to operate a FIFO (first in / first out) or a LIFO (last in / last out) system.

Benefits of industrial shuttle racking in Leeds
In addition to its flexibility and the variety of tasks it can perform, our Leeds shuttle racking systems provide the following benefits:

Robust performance: Our Leeds shuttle racking systems are designed for medium - heavy logistics demands, with each shuttle able to carry up to 1200kg. The robust frame and four-wheel drive transmission system allows high longitudinal acceleration and deceleration without the structure losing balance.

Positioning accuracy: Controlled by an onboard PLC, the use of encoders allows a positioning tolerance of only a few millimetres, ensuring total accuracy in terms of picking, counting and storing.

Easy maintenance: Most components within this Leeds pallet racking system are easily located and accessed, reducing maintenance time and allowing a reduced spare parts inventory.

Rack-Master Storage Systems Ltd is an approved distributor of the Cassioli iSat shuttle racking system. Discover how it could make your Leeds warehouse storage system more effective.

For expert advice on whether the shuttle system suits your operation, for a site survey and for supply and installation of your shuttle racking system, please call us on 01422 300 644.

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