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Whether it’s wide aisle, narrow aisle or drive-in, there’s one limiting factor that’s common to virtually all forms of industrial pallet racking in Hull. Every system needs room for the forklift – and the more lanes you have (and the wider they are) the less space there is for pallet racking.

Choose shuttle racking for your Hull warehouse storage and you choose a system that reduces the involvement of forklifts and the requirement for quite so many forklift lanes – so you can store more in the same facility.

How shuttle racking works

Shuttle racking uses a remote controlled shuttle cart or satellite to move pallets around your Hull industrial warehouse storage. Once the pallet is loaded onto the system by forklift, the shuttle does the rest, transporting it to the next available storage space, storing it efficiently to maximise rack space, and selecting and delivering it to the pick face when required.

The satellite is controlled via forklift driver remote control – and with a variety of commands available, you can enjoy complete control over your Hull warehouse pallet racking.

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As the video below demonstrates, shuttle options include:

  • Insert One: The shuttle picks up a pallet from the load position and sets it in the first available free space before returning to its start position to wait for another command.
  • Fetch One: The shuttle picks the first pallet it encounters from your Hull pallet racking stack and places it at the rack face so it can be removed from the rail.
  • Fetch Multiple: The shuttle repeats the Fetch One command as many times as the controller specifies.
  • Pack To Begin/End: The shuttle reallocates all pallets on the rail, working from the load position.
  • Inventory: The shuttle reallocates all pallets on the rail, working from the unload position.
  • Inventory: The shuttle counts the number of pallets on the rail and sends the result to the operator’s remote control display.

Where can you install a shuttle racking system?

The shuttle system is ideal for Hull warehouse storage that meets the following requirements:

  • Your warehouse floor is flat, horizontal, free from irregularities, and free from vibration caused by other machinery
  • Offers an adequate load capacity
  • Is permanently sheltered and enclosed by walls on all sides
  • Is not subject to drips of water or other liquids on any part of your Hull pallet racking installation
  • Is not exposed to jets of hot gases or vapours
  • The warehouse atmosphere is free of fine powders
  • Ambient temperature is +5°C - +40°C; relative humidity is 50% - 90%

Rack-Master Storage Systems Ltd is an approved distributor of the Cassioli iSat, a shuttle racking system. For expert advice on whether the shuttle system suits your operation, for a site survey and for supply, installation and maintenance of your Hull shuttle racking system, please call us on 01422 300 644.

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