Shuttle racking is the Bradford pallet racking system that makes your loading, picking and storage more efficient.

Shuttle Racking

Discover more about our remote controlled shuttle racking systems.

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The easier and quicker you can load and unload goods from your industrial warehouse racking, the more efficient and cost effective your business can be.

Shuttle racking is the pallet racking system for Bradford businesses that maximises storage space and loading efficiency, helping you do more with less.

How shuttle racking works

Shuttle racking eliminates the need for forklift truck lanes to punctuate your Bradford warehouse’s pallet racking system. Instead, your forklift drivers need only load a pallet at the face of the system, and a remote control satellite will do the rest.

Controlled by the forklift driver, the shuttle racking system gives you real control and flexibility over your Bradford warehouse pallet racking.

> Looking for remote controlled shuttle racking?

As the video below demonstrates, shuttle options are varied, giving you the potential to operate (and switch between) first in/last out (FILO) and first in/first out (FIFO) systems. Options include:

  • Insert One: The shuttle takes a pallet from the load point to the first free space.
  • Fetch One: The shuttle selects the first pallet it encounters from your Bradford pallet racking system and brings it to the rack face for unloading.
  • Fetch Multiple: Set the shuttle to repeat the Fetch One command.
  • Pack To Begin/End: The shuttle reallocates all pallets to the load or unload position at the start or end of the rail.
  • Inventory: The shuttle counts the number of pallets on the rail and sends the result to the display on the remote control unit.

Install your shuttle racking system with Rack-Master

Rack-Master's shuttle racking system is robust, handling pallets of up to 1200kg. Precision placement means space on your industrial racking is always optimised. And swift acceleration of the shuttle means loading and unloading is fast.

As an approved distributor of the Cassioli iSat system, talk to Rack-Master about bringing this shuttle racking equipment to your Bradford business.

For expert advice on whether the shuttle system suits your operation, your SKU range and your throughputs, please call us on 01422 300 644.

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