Checking your warehouse racking is the law. Rack-Master can make it easy.

Industrial Racking Damage Surveys & Safety Assessments

Does your industrial racking and industrial shelving really need checking?

It probably looks sturdy enough. And given the weight your warehouse storage system bears, it must be secure, mustn’t it? But like any other piece of equipment, your industrial pallet racking and shelving needs regular checks if you are to be sure of its safety, because when industrial racking is overloaded or damaged, the results can be catastrophic.

Take the pallet racking in a Shropshire warehouse, for example, which in 2016 collapsed, burying the forklift driver under 4m of 20kg blocks of cheese. Protected by the cage of his forklift, the driver was eventually rescued unharmed, but the racking, stock and business were all severely damaged, and led to an investigation by the HSE.

That’s why the Health & Safety Executive requires every business to regularly check its warehouse storage systems. A “responsible person” within your own organisation can do this weekly, but every 12 months (minimum) your industrial shelving system must be inspected by a “technically competent person”.

Rack-Master Storage Systems can carry out a full, HSE-compliant check of your warehouse storage system, and produce a report detailing any damage found and action required, so you meet your legal obligations, and keep your people, premises and reputation protected.

How much does a Racking Damage Survey cost?

Our Yorkshire Racking Damage Surveys typically cost £250.00 per day + VAT. The written report which includes a full site layout plan, costs £150.00 + VAT. We complete the vast majority of surveys within one day.

What does each Racking Damage Survey include?

  • A complete visual inspection of the industrial storage system at your Yorkshire premises, with damage (and its location) identified on inspection sheets.
  • An HSE compliant written report of the inspection, which you can use to check the damage for yourself, and obtain quotes for repair.
  • A competitive quote for any action required by the report (although you are under no obligation to accept it).

Industrial racking and you – your obligations

Find out more about the law and your warehouse racking system.

Book your Racking Damage Survey in Yorkshire

Arrange your survey now, and ensure your warehouse racking and industrial shelving is safe. If you have any queries about your legal requirements or our surveys, please call us on 01422 300 644.

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