A Racking Damage Survey may be a legal requirement – but compliance doesn’t have to be difficult.

Racking Damage Surveys and Safety Assessments in Bradford

It’s time to check your industrial pallet racking?

In 2013, a worker in Dublin died when warehouse pallet racking carrying 40 tons of cheese collapsed on him. What was a personal tragedy for the man and his family also had far reaching implications for the business, with fines amounting to €200,000.

The collapse happened because, the investigation believed, the warehouse racking used was not suitable for the loads involved. Had it been checked, the buckling of the warehouse storage system would likely have been spotted.

That’s the reason the HSE requires business that use pallet racking to check the structure regularly. Any responsible person within your organisation can carry out weekly checks, but every 12 months your industrial storage equipment must be inspected by a “technically competent person” who should also produce a report.

Rack-Master Storage Systems are Racking Damage Survey specialists in Bradford. Our HSE compliant surveys help you meet your racking safety inspection requirements.

How much does a Racking Damage Survey in Bradford cost?

Our Bradford Racking Damage Surveys typically cost £250.00 per day + VAT and £150.00 + VAT for the written report which includes a full site layout plan.

What does each Racking Damage Survey include?

All our Bradford Racking Damage Surveys include the following:

  • Comprehensive, in person inspection of your warehouse storage system, with identified damage detailed on inspection sheets.
  • A written report containing the findings of the inspection (a requirement for compliance) which you can use to check the damage identified yourself, and get a quote for remedial work.
  • A competitive quote for any repairs your Bradford industrial racking requires. Please note, you are under no obligation to accept the quote.

How long do Bradford Racking Damage Surveys take?

Unless the damage is severe or the warehouse racking installation particularly large, we’re usually done within a day.

Industrial racking and you – your obligations

Find out more about the law and your Bradford warehouse racking system.

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