Explaining the regulations that govern your Wakefield industrial racking system.

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If your Wakefield business uses pallet racking, cantilever racking or other industrial storage solutions, then you’re bound by two key pieces of guidance/legislation. One is the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. The second is the HSE’s warehousing guide.

Both are designed to ensure that all industrial racking equipment in Wakefield is installed and maintained by qualified experts. Meeting your obligations in respect of each piece of guidance is important, because it can help protect your people, your products and your reputation.

As recent examples have shown, when racking collapses, the damage can be catastrophic for the people and businesses involved. Staying compliant can help ensure you stay clear of trouble.

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Construction Compliance

There’s no law that requires you to suddenly become an expert in warehouse racking systems. After all, that’s what you’re employing a third party to do. But the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 do require you to ensure that the industrial storage installation company you employ is suitably qualified to do the job.

Effectively, the regulation creates a legal obligation to commission only those contractors who are qualified for the job.

Racking Safety

Once installed and in use, the industrial racking system in your Wakefield warehouse must be regularly inspected for signs of damage by a “responsible person”. The responsible person can be a member of your in-house team, but once a year the HSE’s warehousing guide states that your Wakefield warehouse storage must also be checked by a “technically competent person” who should produce a written report with observations and proposals.

You can find out more about our racking damage survey assessments here.

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Rack-Master's specialists are qualified to carry out pallet racking installations and inspections in Wakefield. For industrial storage installation and maintenance call Rack-Master now on 01422 300 644 or email us at info@rack-master.co.uk.

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