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Industrial Warehouse Racking Compliance

If your business uses industrial pallet racking, cantilever racking or is planning to install features in the warehouse such as mezzanine flooring, you’re required to comply with some key pieces of legislation. Here’s a summary:

Racking safety: the industrial warehouse racking used by your Hull business must be regularly inspected by a “responsible person” for signs of damage. The HSE’s warehousing and storage guide states that, every year, your Hull warehouse storage must also be checked by a “technically competent person” (ie an expert) who should produce a written report with observations and proposals.

Rack-Master’s specialists are qualified to carry out pallet racking damage inspections. You can find out more here.

Contractor compliance: the law doesn’t expect you to be an expert in warehouse racking or industrial construction standards, but it does expect you to employ people who are.

The HSE’s Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 require you (amongst other things) to appoint the right people at the right time, and ensure arrangements are put in place for managing and organising the project.

Effectively, that simply means employing a contractor with the experience and credentials to deliver the job safely and successfully, but it’s is a vital part of the construction process.

As the HSE notes:

“Serious breaches of health and safety legislation on your construction project could result in construction work being stopped by HSE or your local authority and additional work may be needed to put things right. In the most serious circumstances, you could be prosecuted.”

Rack-Master helps businesses like yours install, maintain and service industrial warehouse storage systems in Hull. We help you ensure every element of the process is compliant, so your people stay safe, and your reputation stays secure.

Talk to us about your Hull industrial storage system and we’ll help you navigate the complexities of performance and compliance.

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