Is your warehouse storage damaging your efficiency? Discover the difference a new pallet racking system could make.

New & Used Pallet Racking for Sale

Pallet racking is the most commonly used form of shelf storage for Sheffield businesses. But if you’re still block stacking pallets on the warehouse floor – or if you haven’t reviewed your existing pallet racking system in a while - you’ll be surprised how much more efficient a new system could make your business.

At Rack-Master, we have more ways to use your space more efficiently, load and pick more effectively, and protect your people and products. And because we’re Sheffield’s pallet racking manufacturers and designers, we can tailor every installation to your premises, your purpose and your budget.

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Remember, all our Sheffield pallet racking is available as new or used pallet racking.


The most common form of pallet racking system in Sheffield, wide aisle racking typically ranges from 2.8m – 3.5m in width and requires only standard forklifts to access. An excellent starting point for any new pallet racking installation, with the added bonus that it enables single pallet selectivity (so you don’t have to move any pallets to access the one you want).


Narrower aisles (1.4m – 1.6m depending on the type of truck used) require specialist forklifts, but maximise the storage potential of your warehouse. Because of the narrow lanes, we usually add underground wire guidance systems or angled guiderails to these industrial pallet racking systems, to help forklifts negotiate the tight spaces with minimal damage to the racking.


High density storage without block stacking, using standard forklifts to locate pallets on cantilevered rails. A 'first in – last out' basis (FI-LO), choose this pallet racking system when you need to maximise storage space of similar products.


This 'first in – first out' (FI-FO) warehouse pallet racking system ensures good stock rotation by using a combination of roller lanes and gravity to shift pallets from loading face to offloading face. An ideal solution for perishable goods.


A 'first in – last out' (FI-LO) scenario where adding a new pallet to a loading face pushes back the existing pallets already stored there. This is a good way to achieve high density storage providing you don’t go more than 4 pallets deep. The push back feature also means that accessing rear pallets is relatively simple, as you can off-load by level rather than by having to empty a full lane. Ideal for operations where space is at a premium, and where several different types of product require relatively easy access (such as in a freezer store).


One of the advantages of choosing a pallet racking manufacturer in Sheffield (as opposed to a pure supplier) is the ability to tailor pallet racking to your requirements. Take carpet racking. We take back to back racks to provide a 4m (approx.) depth, add spacers and a full length chipboard base to protect stored carpets from snagging.

Carpet rolls are best accessed using a counterbalance forklifts with a boom attachment.


Double-deep storage maximises storage capacity, although single pallet selectivity is reduced in this form of pallet racking as front pallets need to be removed to access the rear. Also requires specialist forklift trucks with telescopic forks.


Industrial coils can be stored in two ways. Face up (or 'eye to the sky') uses standard warehouse pallet racking and standard forklifts, but does not offer individual coil selectivity.

Alternatively, coil cradles require forklifts with a boom attachment (so drivers can ‘joust’ coils via the central hole) but does enable single coil selectivity and ensures the coils are oriented correctly for use.


Heavy loads need a specialist, heavy duty storage solution, but where most pallet racking companies in Sheffield can only supply, we can design and manufacture too. Our heavy duty pallet racking uses structural beams to create a racking system that can handle typical bay loadings of +20,000Kgs or loads per level in excess of 4,000kgs (depending on overall level dimensions).

Heavy duty pallet racking systems usually require high capacity counterbalance forklifts.


A pre-programmed shuttle device runs underneath each pallet lane, selecting pallets and bringing them to either the front pick face or the rear of the pallet racking system. As a result, radio shuttle racking gives you the option of 'first in - first out' (FI-FO) with multiple pick faces, or 'first in - last out' (FI-LO) stock rotation with a single pick face.

For higher throughputs, simply add more shuttle devices.

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