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New & Used Pallet Racking for Sale

There’s a reason pallet racking is the North West’s most common form of shelf storage solution for warehouses that need to store and distribute palletised products. There’s a huge variety of pallet racking systems to suit a huge variety of businesses working with everything from palletised perishables to freezer storage, carpets to coils.

At Rack-Master, we can custom design and build a pallet racking and shelving solution tailored to your pallet specification; loading, handling and access requirements; and building dimensions.

We install industrial pallet racking systems across the North West, and we’re committed to helping you find the right warehouse pallet racking system to suit your needs AND your budget. For a free site survey and feasibility study, and to discuss your options, please contact us

Remember, all our North West pallet racking solutions can be supplied as new or used pallet racking.


The commonest of warehouse pallet racking systems in the North West. 2.8m – 3.5m-wide aisles allow for the use of a variety of standard forklift trucks whilst enabling any pallet within the system to be accessed at any time.

We can tailor our North West wide aisle pallet racking services to suit virtually any pallet specification.


Like wide aisle storage pallet racking (see above) but designed for narrow aisle (NA) or very narrow aisle (VNA) trucks. With aisle widths typically between 1.4m and 1.6m (depending on forklift access requirements), this type of warehouse pallet racking allows for a much denser storage capacity compared to wide aisle pallet racking shelves.


Drive-in pallet racking enables you to achieve high density pallet storage without block-stacking pallets.

This industrial pallet racking system involves a standard forklift locating pallets onto cantilevered rails. Operating on a 'first in – last out' basis (FI-LO), it’s ideal for operations requiring lots of storage of similar products, or where space is restricted, such is in a cold store.


Pallet live storage offers a great combination of high storage capacity and a good flow of products. This pallet racking installation works with a loading face and an off-loading face. This 'first in – first out' (FI-FO) North West pallet racking system sees pallets placed on roller lanes at the loading face. Under the force of gravity, each pallet then rolls to the off-loading face, ensuring simple stock rotation.


Providing you don’t need to go more than 4 pallets deep, this is a good way of achieving high density storage capacity without block stacking pallets. This 'first in – last out' (FI-LO) pallet racking system has one access face for loading and off-loading, with pallets pushed back on rollers or trolley lanes each time a new pallet is added to the front.

Although similar to drive-in, push back pallet racking also enables you to off-load by level, so you don’t have to empty a full lane to access specific pallets. This makes it the ideal industrial racking system for North West operations where space is restricted, and where various product types require relatively easy access.


We adapt standard bays of pallet racking with spacers and a full length chipboard base to accommodate rolls of carpet without snagging fibres.

Typically suited to counterbalanced forklifts with a boom attachment, rather than standard forklifts. The boom enables drivers to ‘joust' the carpet rolls, picking them up via the central hole.


Like wide aisle pallet racking, but with pallets stored two deep, accessed by specialist forklift trucks with telescopic forks.

Storage capacities are good, although picking times can be compromised if you need to access rear pallets.


Coils can be stored 'eye to the sky' with the central hole facing upwards, or side on using a 'coil cradle', where forklifts with a boom attachment can ‘joust’ the coils from the cradle.

'Eye to the sky' storage requires only standard pallet racking, but coil cradles are the ideal choice for operations requiring single coil selectivity, or in manufacturing plants where coils can be located straight into production machinery without changing the orientation of the coil.


The standard pallet racking we install is robust, but for bay loadings of +20,000kgs or loads per level of +4,000kgs (depending on overall dimensions), talk to us about heavy duty pallet racking systems.

As a heavy duty pallet racking manufacturer in the North West, we are able to design systems using structural beams (of the sort used in construction) and tailor your pallet racking installation to your specific loads and dimensions. These storage systems typically require high capacity counterbalance forklifts.


Uses a shuttle device that runs beneath each pallet lane to either bring pallets to the front of the pick face (as with push-back) or to the rear of the system (as with pallet live). You therefore have the flexibility to make this a 'first in - first out' (FI-FO) or 'first in - last out' (FI-LO) system with multiple or single pick faces.

Which industrial pallet racking system is right for your North West business? For a free site survey and feasibility study, and to discuss your options, talk to us now on 01422 300 644.

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