Why making pallet racking protection in Doncaster part of the initial installation can pay dividends.

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Introduce any human element into a system and there’ll always be potential for the occasional mishap. Look at virtually any industrial racking system in Doncaster and you’ll notice scuffs, dents and bumps caused by wayward forklifts.

The odd dent is practically unavoidable, but it can be a problem for business owners who are required to make regular checks of the pallet racking equipment to ensure it’s safe for use. Too much damage and you could face repairs, reduced storage capacity or, in the worst cases, a dangerous racking collapse.

Whilst you’re unlikely to be able to stop the occasional forklift collision, you can do something about what it collides with. Pallet racking guards shield the corners of lanes and uprights, ensuring that when forklifts cause a bump, it’s the easily replaceable guard that they damage, not the pallet racking behind it.

As the guards should be, as the HSE puts it, “conspicuous”, there’s less chance the forklift driver will hit the guard in the first place. And if they do, the damage is likely to result in far less cost or consequence.

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When to install Doncaster pallet racking protection

Fitting industrial pallet racking in your Doncaster warehouse may sound like sense, but it’s frequently only once the warehouse shelving is installed and operational that the need for the protection becomes clear.

The problem with retrofitting the guards, however, is that warehouse racking in Doncaster is usually designed to tight tolerances to enable more racking to be squeezed in. There may not be room to include racking protection, and if you do add it, there’s a risk that it could actually cause more collisions rather than reduce them.

So if you can, plan the protection devices as part of your industrial racking design, and make them an integral part of your Doncaster pallet racking installation.

To do that, or for help in retrofitting pallet protection to an already installed system, call Rack-Master on 01422 300 644.

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