Clever storage solutions for long materials.

New & Second Hand Cantilever Racking Solutions

Ground level isnít the place for your long materials. Store them up high and you can free up floor space. You can ensure your timber, pipes, sheets etc. are easy to find, load and unload. And you can keep them in better condition.

Across the North West, cantilever racking from Rack-Master is helping businesses create more efficient yards and warehouses.

How does cantilever racking work?

The cantilever shelving systems we install across the North West use a combination of rear vertical columns and cantilevered support arms to provide rigid support. Choose the right number of columns and support arms for the materials youíre storing and you can create a heavy duty cantilever racking system for even the longest or weightiest applications.

In outdoor yards, cantilever rackingís applications can be even greater. In addition to shelving, add a canopy to the top of each column and create an ad hoc roof that protects your products from the elements.

Products suited to our warehouse cantilever racking solutions:

  • > Structural Section
  • > Timber / Chipboard
  • > Flat Sheets
  • > Rod / Bar Lengths
  • > Piping

Second hand cantilever racking in North West

Cantilever shelving doesnít have to be brand new to do a robust and reliable job. Before we buy, Rack-Master's used cantilever racking is carefully vetted by our experts to ensure itís fit for service.

Then we supply it to you, at industry-busting prices.

Is cantilever racking right for your North West business?

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