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New & Used Pallet Racking Systems for Your York Business

When pallets are block stacked on the floor they eat up space fast. Loading and offloading becomes time consuming. Manoeuvring forklifts gets harder. And the risk – to your people, pallets and products - increases as space gets tighter. Warehouse pallet racking in York saves money by bringing efficiency and order to your storage.

Rack-Master are York’s pallet racking manufacturers, designers, suppliers and installers. That means we can deliver the right pallet racking system that suits your space, suits the way you operate AND suits your budget. To find out how we could help you save money and drive efficiency, please contact us and ask us for a free survey and feasibility study.

Remember, all our pallet racking installations in York are available as new or used pallet racking.


The most popular form of industrial pallet racking in York, wide aisle pallet racking works with a wide range of standard forklifts and ensures all stored pallets can be accessed quickly and simply. Aisle widths are typically between 2.8m and 3.5m.


The narrower aisle widths (typically 1.4m – 1.6m) require specialist narrow aisle (NA) or very narrow aisle (VNA) trucks, but the advantage of this form of storage pallet racking is the increased storage density, helping you make far more efficient use of space.


Simple, high density storage on cantilevered rails using a standard forklift. This 'first in – last out' basis (FI-LO) isn’t ideal for single pallet selectivity (ie you can’t access the pallets at the back without moving the pallets in front of them) which makes it a natural choice when your pallets contain similar products or materials with limited requirement for stock rotation.


High density storage from a pallet racking and shelving system that also enables easy stock rotation. Pallets are loaded onto roller lanes at the loading face, and are then transported via rollers and gravity to the off-loading face, where most types of forklift can access them.

This form of pallet racking installation in York is ideal for perishable products and other products that need regular stock rotation.


Another of our 'first in – last out' (FI-LO) warehouse pallet racking systems, and one that delivers good storage density without block stacking, providing you don’t go more than 4-pallets deep.

Each pallet added to the system pushes the one before it back. As one face is used for loading and unloading, this form of pallet racking system is most suited to operations where space is at a premium, and you have storage of several different types of product that require relatively easy access (such as in a freezer store).


Our carpet racking systems are a good example of how, as a pallet racking manufacturer, we are able to customise our pallet racking installations in York to suit your business requirements. For carpet, we take standard pallet racking, place racks back to back (giving approx. 4m depth) and add spacers and a full length chipboard base (to prevent snags and pulls).

For maximum efficiency and selecting simplicity, use counterbalance forklifts with a boom attachment.


Pallets are stored two deep, increasing storage capacity, but limiting offloading times (as front pallets need removing to access the rear) Requires access via a truck with telescopic forks to access the rear pallet.


Standard pallet racking shelving can be used when storing coils face up ('eye to the sky'). For improved single coil selectivity, and to ensure coils are oriented correctly for immediate use, store on a coil cradle and ‘joust’ coils from the cradle using forklifts with a boom attachments.


When storing heavy materials and products, it’s important to work with a pallet racking company in York that can design and manufacture racking to the tolerances your business requires.

The heavy duty pallet racking systems we manufacture can handle typical bay loadings of more than 20,000kgs or loads per level in excess of 4,000kgs (depending on overall level dimensions).

Heavy duty pallet racking systems are usually accessed by high capacity counterbalance forklifts.


An industrial pallet racking system that uses a programmable shuttle device to bring pallets to the front of the pick face or to the rear of the system. Capable of operating as either 'first in - first out' (FI-FO) or 'first in - last out' (FI-LO), this pallet racking system gives your York business increased flexibility and high throughputs simply by increasing the number of shuttle devices you run at any one time.

Talk to us about the pallet racking system that’s right for your York business. For a free site survey and feasibility study, please call 01422 300 644 or contact us.