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Pallet Racking in Bradford - New & Used Pallet Racking for Sale

Is it time you looked again at the way you store, load and pick products and materials in your warehouse? Across Bradford, pallet racking from Rack-Master is helping businesses like yours save time and money, protect people and products and make processes more efficient.

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Remember, we can supply all racking types as new or used pallet racking in Bradford.


The most common form of new pallet racking in Bradford, because it suits virtually any pallet specification and forklift, and protects single pallet selectivity – so you can access any individual pallet simply. Aisles are typically 2.8m – 3.5m wide.


Like wide aisle pallet racking but, as the name suggests, uses a much narrower aisle (1.4m – 1.6m) and appropriate specialist forklifts to deliver a much greater storage density. We usually design these industrial pallet racking systems to include underground wire guidance systems or angled guiderails to protect racking and products.


Simple, high density pallet storage that’s a good choice for operations where you store similar products or where space is at a premium, such is in a cold store. Because drive-in pallet racking works on a 'first in – last out' basis (FI-LO) it’s not ideal for single pallet selectivity as accessing pallets at the back of a rack involves clearing the pallets in front.


Removes the accessibility issues of drive-in racking by adopting a 'first in – first out' (FI-FO) scenario that ensures good stock rotation. This pallet racking installation uses two faces. Pallets are loaded onto roller lanes at one face, then gravity takes them to the off-loading face for removal. Can be accessed using most types of forklift truck.

Pallet live storage is ideal for operations where space is tight, and where products require frequent rotation (eg perishable goods).


An effective way of achieving high storage densities without block stacking, providing you don't need to go more than four pallets deep. This warehouse pallet racking system uses one access face for loading and off-loading. Each new pallet pushes the previous one back on its roller or trolley lane in a 'first in – last out' (FI-LO) scenario similar to drive-in pallet racking. The difference between the two pallet racking solutions is that ‘push back’ enables you to off-load by level, avoiding the need to empty entire lanes. Can be accessed using most types of forklift truck.


It takes a pallet racking manufacturer to be able to make the customisation required to store carpet safely. We use back to back bays of standard pallet racking to provide the required racking depth for carpet rolls, and add spacers and a full length chipboard base to protect each roll from snags and pulls.

Use a counterbalance forklift with boom attachment to enable drivers to ‘joust' carpet rolls down the length of the central hole, enabling them to be picked up safely.


Pallets are stored two-deep, and require forklifts with telescopic forks to access both pallet rows. This pallet racking shelving system offers good storage capacity, but you will need to remove the front pallet to gain access to the rear, which can increase picking times.


Coils are either stored with central hole facing up ('eye to the sky') on standard pallet racking, or side on on a 'coil cradle', where they can be ‘jousted’ by forklifts with a boom attachment.

In addition to speed of picking, coil cradles store coils at the right orientation for loading into industrial machines.


Your pallet racking supplier may be able to offer a range of solutions, but only a pallet racking manufacturer in Bradford can tailor your racking system to accommodate heavier loads. We use structural beams to construct our heavy duty pallet racking, which can cope with bay loadings of more than 20,000kgs or loads per level in excess of 4,000kgs (depending on overall level dimensions). We recommend high capacity counterbalance forklifts.


An ideal warehouse pallet racking system for high throughputs, radio shuttle tracking involves the forklift placing a shuttle device in a runner section beneath each pallet lane. The device is programmed to bring pallets to the front of the pick face or to the rear of the system depending on your stock rotation preference.

The higher the throughput, the more shuttle devices you will need to deploy at any one time.

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