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New & Used Pallet Racking Solutions

Across Greater Manchester, pallet racking is the most popular form of warehouse storage. At Rack-Master, we are custom designers and pallet racking manufacturers, so whatever the business, and whatever the variety or weight of materials you need to store, we have more ways of ensuring you can store, load and pick pallets in a way that works for you – and for your budget.

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Remember, all our pallet racking in Greater Manchester is available as new or second hand pallet racking.


The most common of our pallet racking services in Greater Manchester, our wide aisle installations are typically at aisle widths between 2.8m and 3.5m and are designed for standard forklift trucks.

Capable of suiting virtually any pallet specification, and ensuring that pallets can be accessed at any time, this is often the natural starting point for discussions about a new pallet racking system.


Much as above, but operating in narrower (and therefor a greater density of) aisles. Requires specialist forklifts.

As a specialist pallet racking supplier in Greater Manchester, we typically recommend underground wire guidance systems or angled guiderails to guide forklifts and protect racking and stored products.


Highest density warehouse pallet racking that delivers maximum capacity without block-stacking pallets on the warehouse floor.

An ideal pallet racking solution for maximising storage of similar products when space is limited. As drive-in racking works on a 'first in – last out' basis (FI-LO) it is not ideal for single pallet selectivity as you have to clear a full lane to get pallets from the back.


High density. No block stacking. And a good flow of products, thanks to a two-face system which uses gravity to take pallets from loading face to off-loading face. A 'first in – first out' (FI-FO) scenario that’s ideal for perishable products in the food industry and other applications where regular rotation is essential.


High density warehouse pallet racking that’s ideal for storing varied products when space is at a premium, as long as you don't need to go more than four pallets deep. New pallets push existing stored pallets back on roller or trolley lanes in this 'first in – last out' (FI-LO) scenario that’s similar to drive-in pallet racking. The difference is that ‘push back’ enables you to off-load by level.


Back to back (typically around 4m deep overall) storage which uses standard racking with spacers and a full length chipboard base to protect stored materials from snagging or other damage.

This form of industrial pallet racking is typically suited to counterbalance forklifts fitted with boom attachments, so drivers can ‘joust' the centre of rolls.


Pallets are stored in much the same way as wide aisle pallet racking, except that in this system they are stored two pallets deep and are accessed by specialist forklift trucks with telescopic forks.

This pallet racking shelving system offers good storage capacities although single pallet selectivity is affected as you need to remove the front pallet to gain access to the rear pallet, increasing picking times.


Store coils face up ('eye to the sky') using standard pallet racking and shelving. Or store side-on in coil cradles, where coils can be ‘jousted’ by forklifts with a boom attachment.

Another advantage of using coil cradles is that, by being stored face on, they can be accessed easily and located straight into industrial machinery without having to change the coil’s orientation.


As pallet racking manufacturers, we design and build heavy duty pallet racking shelves in Greater Manchester to your specifications. Using the sort of structural beams usually found in construction, we create systems capable of storing loads in excess of 20,000kgs for bay loadings or 4,000kgs per level (depending on level dimensions).

Typically requires high capacity counterbalance forklifts.


A shuttle device operates in a runner section beneath each pallet lane, and is programmed to bring pallets to the front of the pick face or take them to the rear of the pallet racking system, so you can choose between 'first in - first out' (FI-FO) or 'first in - last out' (FI-LO) stock rotation.

In warehouse pallet racking systems with a high throughput, we will typically add more shuttle devices to run concurrently.

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