Cantilever shelving across Greater Manchester, for all industrial applications.

New & Used Cantilever Racking Systems

If your business involves lengthy materials (like pipes, sheets and timber), it will need an efficient storage system.

Cantilever racking is the simplest, most efficient way of storing lengthy, non-palletised materials, whilst ensuring access, loading and unloading is quick and simple.

Talk to Rack-Master about cantilever racking systems in Manchester that can help make your warehouse more efficient and more cost effective.

How does a cantilever racking system work?

The robust strength of cantilever racking comes from the combination of rear vertical columns and the horizontal support arms, which cantilever away from them.

With the right number of columns and arms, your heavy duty cantilever racking system could support a practically limitless weight.

Products suited to our Greater Manchester cantilever racking systems:

  • > Structural Section
  • > Timber / Chipboard
  • > Flat Sheets
  • > Rod / Bar Lengths
  • > Piping

Used cantilever racking in Greater Manchester

Buy cantilever racking second hand and you could make big savings, but only if you buy equipment you can rely on.

At Rack-Master, we vet and approve all the used cantilever racking we supply in Greater Manchester, so you can be sure itís up to the task. Talk to us about your requirements.

Is cantilever racking right for your Greater Manchester business?

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