Cantilever shelving across Doncaster, for even the most heavy duty applications.

New & Used Cantilever Racking Systems

Store lengthy, non-palletised materials like pipes, sheets and timbers off the ground, and you’ll find they’re easier to access, easier to load and unload, and easier to sell or put to work on site.

Rack-Master's cantilever racking systems help make storing lengthy materials easy.

How does a cantilever racking system work?

Ask us to install a cantilever rack or shelf system at your Doncaster business and we’ll begin with rear vertical columns, into which slot a series of horizontal support arms.

If you need a heavy duty cantilever racking system in Doncaster, simply use more columns and arms to support virtually any weight loading required.

As part of your cantilever shelving system design, we’ll work with you to agree the right spacing and height clearance, so you can achieve the optimum balance of maximising storage, whilst making loading and unloading quick and simple.

Products suited to our Doncaster cantilever racking solutions:

  • > Structural Section
  • > Timber / Chipboard
  • > Flat Sheets
  • > Rod / Bar Lengths
  • > Piping

Used cantilever racking in Doncaster

Buy cantilever racking second hand and you can make big savings, but you’ll want to know that you’re buying quality.

At Rack-Master, we vet and approve all the used cantilever racking we supply in Doncaster, so you can be sure it’s up to the task. Talk to us about your requirements.

Is cantilever racking right for your Doncaster business?

For a free site survey, expert advice, and to discuss quantities and layout, please contact us.