In warehouses and yards, discover the storage solution that’s ideal for the longest, heaviest materials.

Warehouse Cantilever Racking & Shelving Systems

Try to store all your timber, bar lengths or sheeting at ground level and you’ll find you quickly run out of space. And that’s not all. Keep all your non-palletised long materials on the warehouse floor and they’ll be harder to find, harder to load and harder to keep in good condition.

That’s where Rack-Master’s cantilever racking systems can help you make more efficient use of your space.

How does a cantilever racking system work?

Our Warrington cantilever racking systems use a combination of vertical columns and support arms to create storage for a virtually limitless length and weight of materials. Need a heavy duty cantilever racking system? Simply add more columns and arms. To find out the optimum design for your racking system, please call us.

Outdoors, when your yard is open to the elements, attach a canopy to your cantilever racking and protect your materials, even when your premises can’t.

Products suited to our cantilever racking solutions:

  • > Structural Section
  • > Timber / Chipboard
  • > Flat Sheets
  • > Rod / Bar Lengths
  • > Piping

Used cantilever racking systems

Choose used cantilever racking in Warrington with Rack-Master, and you’ll still be choosing top quality, robust racking, vetted and approved by our experts – all that will be different is the price you pay.

Is cantilever racking right for your business?

For your free site survey, expert guidance, and to discuss quantities and layout, please get in touch.