How can you double your floorspace without moving premises?

Mezzanine Flooring in Leeds - New & Reconditioned Available

When space is at a premium and you think you’ve used every available inch of warehouse storage, you may not have to think of moving after all.

If your warehouse space is 5.5m high or higher a mezzanine floor (otherwise known as a raised storage platform) can effectively double your floorspace. There’s no restriction on how you use that space, so it could be the perfect platform for:

  • > A new office suite
  • > Additional workbenches and workstations
  • > More industrial racking space in your Leeds warehouse
  • > More space for industrial equipment storage
  • > Increased production space
  • > Training rooms

Better still, install a mezzanine floor in Leeds with Rack-Master, and your additional space will be exempt from local council rates.

Need help envisaging how a mezzanine floor could benefit your Leeds business? Need help envisaging how it might fit? Contact us for a free, no obligation quote. We can often put together budget costs for mezzanine floors over the telephone - you may not even need a site visit!