Is my pallet racking costing me money?

Warehouse storage systems should save you money by enabling you to store more, rotate and audit stock more easily, and pick and load faster. But is your pallet racking really doing all those things?

Industrial racking and shelving doesnít have to be for life. Ideally, of course, youíd create a pallet racking system that was future proof, and which would give you years of efficient storage with plenty of room for expansion. In reality, however, most businesses donít Ė and canít afford Ė to work that way, especially not in the early days.

A case in point is one of our clients who acquired more storage space, across multiple sites, as the business grew. Inevitably, they reached a point where the cost of bringing all their storage requirements under one roof and giving themselves further room to grow outweighed the cost of servicing four separate facilities. You can read more about their story here.

So what are the signs that your industrial storage system is costing you money? Here are the things to look for:

Multiple sites: You spend needless time and resource ferrying stock from one storage facility to another.

Limited space: The pallets that were once contained to the racks are now covering the floor, limiting the space for forklifts to work efficiently, putting floor-stored products at risk of damage, and potentially creating safety hazards.

Inefficient picking: Thereís a multitude of pallet racking picking systems and each has particular benefits depending on the pick and load frequency and the types of products youíre storing. If you inherited a legacy warehouse storage system with the building, the chances are itís not one thatís maximising your picking efficiency Ė and thatís probably costing you money.

Unused height: If your warehouse stretches skywards but youíre only using the first 20 feet of it, thereís a clear problem. Perhaps your picking equipment is dictating the racking height, but a review of your requirements could enable you to use space far more cost-effectively. And if you canít use the additional height for storageÖ

Save on other estate costs: Are you renting offices, or paying for meeting or training space when you could be using the existing warehouse space more efficiently? A mezzanine floor could recover large volumes of space and cut estate costs elsewhere.

We make industrial pallet racking systems more efficient. To find out what that could mean for your business, call Rack-Master now on 01422 300 644 or fill out the form below.

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