Is it too late to install racking damage protection barriers?

Weíd always recommend incorporating racking damage protection measures in the initial design of your warehouse racking. If you donít, you may still be able to install them, but there may need to be compromises along the way.

Warehouse racking protection is the small investment that can cut big repair bills. Itís not every dent and scrape that needs fixing Ė industrial racking systems are tough and durable and withstand plenty of glancing blows. But the wrong collision with the wrong piece of structurally vital racking can cause far greater damage and risk a wider collapse.

Racking guards and other protection measures ensure that, if a forklift does misjudge a lane entry, itís the guard that takes the impact, not the racking.

We will include pallet racking protection measures as an integral part of our turnkey warehouse storage design process Ė which is always the simpler and more cost-effective way of doing things. But what if youíve already installed the racking system without protection?

Warehouse racking protection after installation

Theoretically, there should be nothing to stop racking guards being fixed post-installation, but where space is at a premium (for example in a narrow aisle pallet racking system where space is tight by design) there may not be room for protection measures and forklifts.

The issue then becomes one of risk versus cost. Do you stick with what you have, decide against the racking barriers and step up inspection rates to ensure the racking remains structurally sound? Or do you perhaps invest in new barriers and new slimline forklifts that will still be able to fit down the aisles?

Generally speaking, then, itís never too late to install racking damage protection, although your pallet racking system design may prevent or compromise your plans. Whether there are space issues or not, it will always be more cost effective to make racking barriers part of the initial design.

If youíre unsure which would be the right (and legally compliant) route, talk to Rack-Master now on 01422 300 644 or fill out the form below.

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