How do I protect my pallet racking?

Damage to your warehouse racking can be costly to repair and, if left unchecked, can risk greater damage or collapse. But by installing racking protection you can insure any impacts affect the guards and bollards, not the racking.

Pallet racking protection is an integral part of industrial racking system design. In the warehouse environment, bumps and bangs from forklifts and pallets are virtually unavoidable, but the right protection can ensure that guards, bollards and barriers take the brunt of the impact, protecting the structure behind them.

And if your racking protection suffers too great a degree of damage, replacing them is far simpler and inexpensive compared with replacing sections of warehouse racking. There are a number of racking protection measures you could choose, and when you design your industrial storage with us, we’ll help you choose the right features for your system, and ensure the design incorporates the additional space to accommodate protection whilst still giving your forklifts room for manoeuvre.

Pallet racking protection measures can include:

Rack End Protection Barriers

Barriers at the the rack end can provide protection at one of the most vulnerable parts of the system and ensure neither the racking nor the pallets on it suffer damage. Available in tubular or heavy duty beam-style construction.

Floor Mounted Column Guards

Column guards can be steel or foam-filled and protect the vertical sections of racking. Bolted to the floor, the guards are designed to take the impact of warehouse machinery so the racking column doesn’t have to. Easy and cost effective to replace if damaged.

Warehouse Safety Bollards

Brightly coloured bollards can be used to ‘fence off’ areas of the warehouse, direct traffic away or towards certain areas and protect vulnerable structures including pallet racking.

Warehouse Lighting

Easily forgotten, but the lighting in and around the aisles of your pallet racking can be essential in eliminating shadows and increasing overall light levels so warehouse operatives can see clearly. Rack-Master’s pallet racking installations can include full warehouse lighting redesign.

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