How do I make more of a small warehouse?

Need more storage space? The answer isnít always to move to larger premises...

As a small warehouse fills up, things can start to slip. Safety becomes more difficult to maintain. Products are more likely to be damaged (or lost) as they become stored in a more haphazard way. And picking and loading times can be compromised because thereís simply too much clutter to move quickly.

At times like this, itís natural to start looking at additional or alternative premises, ones that can give you all the storage space you need plus room to manoeuvre. Ultimately, a growing business will eventually need to move to a larger warehouse, but the longer you can delay that day, the more youíll save Ė IF you can make the existing facility cost efficient.

So here are some options for making more of a small warehouse, before you have to make the decision to upgrade to a bigger one.

Use the vertical space

Thereís a challenge with heading upwards with your industrial racking. If you donít have picking equipment that can access it easily, youíll have to invest in new forklifts or similar Ė but that could still be a worthwhile investment when compared with an immediate increase in building rental costs Ė and youíll be able to take the machinery with you when you do eventually move.

Change the racking

A small warehouse can feel even smaller when picking and loading is inefficient. But changing the pallet racking strategy, for example by moving to a narrow aisle racking system, could find the additional space and efficiency you need with the right cost/benefit balance.

Change the retrieval system

Automated retrieval can speed up picking times and reduce the risk that comes with navigating tightly confined pallet racking. Our latest shuttle racking systems, for example can quickly load pallets from - and return them to - the pick face, enabling you to use more of the warehouse space for storage, because you donít need the same level of aisle space for forklifts.

Talk to Rack-Master now about reviewing your warehouse storage installation. Weíll be able to make your industrial racking safer and more efficient Ė whatever the size of warehouse. Call us now on 01422 300 644 or fill out the form below.

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