What information will you need to create my industrial racking system?

5 things we値l need to know in order to create a warehouse racking system that痴 ideal for your business.

Ask us to design and supply your pallet racking system and we値l typically need several standard pieces of information to enable us to put together a realistic estimate. Usually we値l gather that information on a site survey, but often we can put together an estimate using information over the phone or via email. Here痴 the information we値l need to do that:

1. Space

We値l need to know the length, height and width of your warehouse space. If the ceiling is pitched, knowing the minimum and maximum height would also be useful.

2. Weight and size

What sort of weights and loads will your industrial racking be expected to handle? Knowing this can help us create a racking system that has all the capabilities you need without over-engineering for weights you don稚 need.

3. Function

What will your racking be used for? Our clients are frequently surprised by the sheer range of racking available and it may be that, where you anticipate one form of pallet racking as being the only option, we can present several more.

If, for example, you are storing drums or coils, or storing lengthy materials, cantilever racking or a coil rack could protect the products and enable more efficient loading and picking.

4. Picking and loading

Storage capacity is one key measurement of success for any warehouse racking system, but maximising storage at the expense of increasing load and pick times is a false economy. The form of picking and loading you choose will be influenced by a number of factors including the nature of the product, whether it is perishable, the space available, the forklifts available etc. The key is finding the optimal balance between the above factors, efficiency and...

5. Budget

Even a ballpark figure can help us understand the nature of the project and steer us towards, for example, used pallet racking over brand new. Understanding your budget will also help us achieve the right balance of picking and loading efficiency.

A larger budget, for example, may open the possibility of some form of automated shuttle racking to create maximum efficiency from your pallet racking space.

Don稚 have the information to hand? That痴 ok. Just call us now on 01422 300 644 to arrange your site survey.

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