How long will my pallet racking system last?

An industrial racking system is a significant investment. So how long will the system serve you? As is so often the case, thereís a simple answer and a rather more complex one...

At its core, pallet racking is a collection of bars and braces and metal uprights. Itís the ultimate Meccano kit. So the simple answer is that a properly installed warehouse storage system that is suitable for the loads placed on it should last a long, long time.

So what are the caveats that might change that situation?

Changing loads

For many businesses, the industrial pallet racking system they install isnít necessarily the one they find they need a few years down the line. Suppose your product line changes to require rolls or reels or heavy duty equipment? To maintain efficiency, product quality and safety, you may find your pallet racking needs to change with you. Itís worth noting though, that such adjustments donít necessarily need to mean wholesale change. Switching a bay or two may be all thatís needed to keep your industrial racking up to speed with business requirements.

Racking damage

Your pallet racking needs regular monitoring to ensure it remains safe. Severe damage to key elements of your racking can prove catastrophic, so checks are essential. Once a year, youíll also need a formal racking damage survey to confirm the safety of the system. You can find out more about our racking damage surveys here.

Warehouse storage systems inevitably face a barrage of usually minor bumps and knocks. Often, any damage is cosmetic or structurally insignificant and there should be no reason for it to affect the longevity of your pallet racking system.

Where damage is more severe, itís important to spot it and fix it quickly. An even better option is to install racking barriers and other protection measures. You may need to replace the barriers from time to time, but your pallet racking will last longer and maintaining it will cost less.

Improving efficiency

Warehouse storage technology is constantly changing. Once, the height of efficiency was simple wide aisle pallet racking. Now, live storage systems and radio shuttle racking enable automated picking and greater freedom in terms of stock rotation.

Inevitably, intelligent systems will continue to develop. So it may be that technology and the drive for ever greater efficiency overtakes your existing pallet racking system long before time and wear and tear do.

On the bright side, if you do find yourself needing to upgrade, we buy used pallet racking systems back in part exchange...

Changing scale

The final reason your existing pallet racking system may need to change is an entirely positive one. For some years now, for example, weíve worked with a company that has expanded its bathroom wholesale business again and again. As the business grew, so new storage facilities had been brought online, but eventually the company took the decision to cut the cost and inefficiency of operating multiple sites and bring everything together under one roof.

Once again, however, we were able to offset the cost of the used pallet racking against the new installation. You can find more about this warehouse storage installation in this case study.

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