How can industrial racking improve customer service?

‘Our customers are our highest priority’. Every business says it – or something like it. But how can your warehouse storage system help show it?

Expanding range

Choice is a huge factor in customer service, but the greater the choice you offer, the larger your storage space needs to be. Yet that increased storage space need not automatically mean expanding the physical space. The right pallet racking system can help you do more with less, enabling you to carry more stock by reconfiguring your industrial racking.

Protecting quality

The journey to an efficient warehouse storage system usually begins with pallets stored haphazardly on the floor. As the business grows, so does the requirement to use your storage space more effectively. But whether pallets are ‘stored’ on the floor or on legacy racking systems, an unsuitable storage system can damage products.

The right industrial storage system, on the other hand, will eradicate crushing, will protect products from snags and scuffs and forklift collisions, and will ensure the product leaves the warehouse in the same condition it arrived.

Protecting perishables

When your products include perishables, tight stock control is essential to ensure customers enjoy the freshest, finest quality. Rigorous stock control can be extremely difficult to maintain when your pallet racking system doesn’t support it. Choose a basic first in, last out system and you’re likely to waste a lot of time shuffling pallets to reach the stock that needs distributing soonest.

But with the right pallet racking management system, you can ensure no perishables are left at the back of the racks and make accessing them easy.

Responding to demand

When your customers have peak seasons you need to be able to respond. An inflexible warehouse storage system makes this difficult, But the right pallet racking system can give you the flexibility to improve picking speed, flexibility and storage capacity when the need arises.

What do your customers expect from you? We’ll help ensure your pallet racking can deliver it. Talk to Rack-Master now on 01422 300 644 or fill out the form below.

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