What if my Sheffield racking system isn’t compliant?

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Does it really matter if your industrial warehouse racking in Sheffield isn’t legally compliant?

The short answer is ‘yes it does’, and for a wide range of reasons:

Protect your people

Google ‘warehouse racking collapse’ and you’ll find plenty of video examples of what happens when a combination of poor design and installation standards, poor maintenance and poor operator training combine.

There’s another example of a pallet racking collapse in the UK here. The fact is that people die when industrial racking systems aren’t compliant.

Protect your business

Naturally, a failure of your Sheffield warehouse storage system will cost money in terms of damaged goods and replacement storage. But the costs can be far greater than you’d imagined. Unless your pallet racking was installed by suitable qualified contractors and according to legislation, and unless your inspection and maintenance regime meets HSE guidelines, your pallet racking in Sheffield may not only be at risk – it may also invalidate your business insurance.

Maintaining safety

The law requires any business in Sheffield that uses industrial pallet racking to train its people in the safe use of the racking and the forklifts used to pick and load from it. It also requires you to appoint a suitable person within the business to carry out regular inspections of the rack-frame to look for signs of damage.

Additionally, the HSE requires you to carry out a more in-depth pallet racking damage survey, and to produce a report detailing findings and improvement actions. This report needs to be completed by an expert.

Call Rack-Master

Rack-Master designs, installs, maintains and surveys pallet racking installations in Sheffield and across the North.

We are fully SEMA and HSE compliant, and can ensure that not only does your Sheffield industrial racking system protect and support efficient, productive operations; it does it safely and in a way that ensures you meet your compliance obligations.

Call Rack-Master now on 01422 300 644 or email us at info@rack-master.co.uk

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